August 2019 Critical Mass Recap, See You On September 27th!

The August 30th 2019 NYC Critical Mass, was attended by approximately 150-200 or more cyclists according to an anonymous source.

The next Critical Mass bike ride is scheduled for Friday 9/27/2019, Union Square North, at 7 pm, according to this facebook event.

Here are some images, and video culled from social media, of the event, by the cyclists themselves:

July 2019 Critical Mass Recap, See You On August 30th!

It appeared between 200 to 300 cyclists attended last night’s Critical Mass for Safer Streets, without incident, and was completely unharassed by the NYPD, or any other government agency, for the entire 9 mile, 2 hour ride.

Probably the first time, a Critical Mass ride of this size, went unharassed in NYC in over 15 years?

The next monthly Manhattan Critical Mass ride is scheduled for 7 pm on Friday August 30, 2019, at Union Square North, marking the 15th anniversary of the start of the NYPD crackdown on Critical Mass which occurred at the 2004 RNC.

You can RSVP on facebook here if you’d like.

It was a beautiful Summer evening, and not one many expected to experience again in NYC anytime soon, given history of Critical Mass in NYC.

What better way to share the story, but by videos, and photos, by the participants themselves:

Still We Ride!

Where’s Oliver McAfee?

Last seen on 11/19/2017 biking the Israel National Trail (IBT) near Mitzpe Ramon, cyclist Oliver McAfee from Dromore, Northern Ireland has yet to be found.

Oliver, 29 at the time, and a devout Christian, reportedly gave up his gardening job in Chelmsford, Essex, England in 4/2017 to cycle across Europe, and Mexico, cycling about 14,000 km (8,700 miles) on what friends described as “a voyage of personal discovery” before reaching Israel.

This short documentary in Hebrew, and Arabic, with English subtitles attempts to explain Oliver’s situation in the Negev, Desert that lead to his disappearance:

Oliver’s story, has also been reported in both Europe: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, North America: 1, 2 and Israel: 1, 2, 3 since his disappearance.

We are all hoping Oliver found a beautiful “back to nature” utopia for himself away from the modern stresses of life, in the Negev desert (or elsewhere), and are jealous he is keeping it to himself!


In the meantime, his family and friends are maintaining a facebook page “Missing: Oliver McAfee in Israel”, and a twitter account @helpfindoliver which they hope will help lead to his eventual discovery, and a gofundme page that does not currently need anymore donations, but could in the future.

Closer to home, this 5/4/2019 is the 21st annual Blessing of the Bikes at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, in Manhattan (doors open at 8:30 am), and would be a good time to keep Oliver in your thoughts.

As cyclists, let’s hold our heads up in the face of our own adversity, remember to take care of ourselves, and wish everyone a safe bike ride in NYC, where even Streetsblog is declaring Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero an abject failure.

The Little Pink Bike Ride

Here is a little story, that anyone can relate to, John Williams from Penzance, Cornwall just completed a bike ride using his seven year old daughter’s bicycle from Bristol to Land’s End England on 9/27/2018.

His daughter Ellie died three years ago from a brain tumor, so John was doing the ride to honor her memory, and raise money for children’s brain tumor research.

If you wish to donate to “The Little Pink Bike – Peter’s Epic Ride on Ellie’s Bike” you can do so here. Unsurprisingly, it is a very popular cause.

Inside Edition –

Lorraine –

Sailflags Ltd –

Manhattan Critical Mass – 7/27/2018

On Friday 7/27/2018, the monthly Critical Mass bike ride will be held in Manhattan (and around the world) at Union Square North at 7 PM according to the xup website ( no longer appears to work).

Ten years ago to the month, a NYC Critical Mass rider was physically assaulted in Times Square by rookie NYPD officer Patrick Pogan, who eventually received a felony conviction for lying on a police report, but no jail time, losing his job over the incident.

The infamous video of the assault (posted to youtube on 7/27/2008) has over 3 million views:

Another view of the 7/25/2008 assault, and its aftermath, used during the 2010 trial:

On a happier note, The Warriors Fun Ride held on 7/7/2018 reported no such attacks. It was overheard that 500 cyclists across 60 teams registered for the ride (30 of which finished the all night event), and was even featured in a Bicycling Magazine article.

Photo Credit - Alix Piorun of Bicycling Magazine

Photo Credit – Alix Piorun for Bicycling Magazine

The Warriors Fun Ride – 7/7/2018

What was once a 2002 NYC biking legend, is now becoming a NYC biking tradition, with the 2018 edition of “The Warriors Fun Ride” scheduled for July 7-8, 2018, “dusk till dawn”. Previous rides were organized in 2014, and 2016.

The images below are all the details you should need, from a flyer given directly to us from “Squid“, one of the organizers of the event, a famed NYC bicycle messenger:



The bike ride is based on the 1979 cult classic film “The Warriors“, in which a Coney Island gang is falsely accused of killing a leader in the Bronx, who was trying to unite all the feuding gangs in NYC, and must make it back to their home turf without being caught.

The 2002 ride was such a hit, around 800 people showed up, a film was created documenting the event, and screened multiple times at the Bicycle Film Festival internationally for years.

Just last week, two new trailers were created for the 2018 event on Instagram –


A post shared by Bikeblog NYC (@bikeblognyc) on

Hope you come out to play-ay!!!!

Bike path along Belt Parkway rebuilt East of Plumb Beach

Three years ago, the City repaired a 450 foot length of bike path, to the West of the Plumb Beach parking lot, damaged by Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn during 10/2012, and other prior storms.

It was recently discovered this month, 3/2018, that an even longer portion of the bike path to the East of the parking lot had been rebuilt, including a new, much wider, safer bridge for cycling, and pedestrian use.

As of last 9/2017, there was a makeshift fenced in detour on the Belt Parkway itself, for cyclist and pedestrian use, so these improvements come as welcome news.

High capacity bike/pedestrian bridge over Gerritsen Inlet

High capacity bike/pedestrian bridge over Gerritsen Inlet

High protective fence along scenic view of Jamaica Bay

High protective fence along scenic view of Jamaica Bay


An open protected road for cyclists and pedestrians leading to the Rockaways

Below is an image showing most of the bike and pedestrian path that was rebuilt, taken from Google Maps


The funding for earlier projects appears to come from both Federal sources, Army Corps of Engineers, and NYC Parks according to this 9/2013 video.

There is no mention of the involvement of the 46 district, currently led by Council Member Alan Maisel.

The photos above taken right after a snowstorm, give promise, that it will be a pleasant bike ride to the beach, for years to come.

The Pope Is Blessed By A Bike

Three-time world cycling champion, Peter Sagan (27) gifted a customized racing bicycle, in Papal colors, to Pope Francis (81) on 1/24/2018 according to the The Local Italy.

In other Catholic Pedalphile news, more local to home, the 20th Annual Blessing of the Bikes, has a tentative date of Saturday 5/5/2018 at 9 am at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine (112th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, NY, NY). The event is free.

Here is an old Streetsfilm account of the event, in case you feel the ‘call’.

“All Faiths (or lack thereof) Welcome”

The Crash Seen Around The World

New Year’s celebratory fireworks reached Australia first in 2018.

But for Queensland cyclist Geoffrey James, it started off with a different kind of bang, when graphic video of him emerged online being struck from behind, by a speeding car, while he was legally riding in the road, and then laying on ground in the obvious pain screaming for medical help while the driver responsible for the crash is heard standing over him saying repeatedly “I’m really sorry man, I’ll pay you,” without offering him any assistance.

Despite this, many victim blaming comments and threats appeared online, against Geoffrey’s plight like: “Hahaha die cyclists die hahaha the middle of the lane is not your domain”, leading Bicycle Queensland to call for a “truce” between cyclists, and motorists.

“Truce”, a cheeky way to put it?

Meanwhile, locally, the Time’s Up! 20th Annual New Year’s Eve Bike Ride, and ‘Future Positive After Party’, was forced to reverse course this year due to several years of City Parks harassment at the traditional Central Park Belvedere Castle fireworks public viewing site, and ended ironically at The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space in LES.

Despite the harassment, and very cold weather, Time’s Up! are calling the bike ride, and party a rousing success!

World Day of Remembrance – Sunday 11/19/2017

This Sunday, 11/19/2017 marks World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims:

massacre of eight defenseless cyclists on the West Side Greeenway by a self declared terrorist last month, this event occurs at an especially hard time for the NYC cycling community, in which there are passionate calls nationwide for Gun Control, by the Left, and banning Muslims from certain countries, or entry mechanisms, from the Right, but no similar calls for ‘Car Control‘ from any side.

Detailed information about the NYC rally, including feeder group bike rides from all 5 Boros to the City Hall event are listed here.

If you are seeking something lighter this weekend, the 19th annual ‘Cranksgiving’ charity alley cat is occurring the day before, on Saturday 11/18/2017, or you could do both events?

Upcoming, the 19th Annual Time’s Up ‘Lights in the Heights‘ Holiday bike ride is scheduled for Sunday 12/17/2017 next month, as well as the 20th Annual New Year’s Eve Ride & Dance Party! Look for updates to those events either on the Time’s Up! website, or on facebook.

Finally, a passing mention to our fan, Erik Roby, inventor of the high-tech versatile magnetic Afterglow bicycle reflector, which will hopefully shine some additional light into this bike winter.