Op-Ed from NY TIMES

Mayor Bloomberg will probably waltz into another 4 years at the helm of New York City winning in November as mayor. It is unlikely that any of the democratic candidates will mount an effective retaliation and rather Bloomy will win by default, not to mention that he has the most cash and can fund […]

Critical Mass in Village Voice

Village Vocie article

Ahh, so much going on.

On Friday afternoon, befor the critical mass, Freewheels held a press conference and invited Mayor Bloomberg to come on the ride. He was also presented with a copy of “still we ride.” Of course, he wasn’t around. New York 1 story on the press conference

Thanks to John Huntington for the headsup on the […]

Oh no. Not you too Mayor Mike.

Bike Pool

So lets say we start an NYC bike pool…what meeting spot and route works best for people?

Photos of Critical Mass, August ride

pictures from: fred askew

Criminal Mass, August 2005…49 arrested.

It sounds like the same ol story only worse. A group of people decide to ride their bikes together on the last Friday of the month, like they do in over 300 cities around the world…blah blah blah, I’m starting to sound like a broken record. Well something is definitely broken…our democracy. I couldn’t […]

Bike Lane Liberation NYC

Hot off the nyc indymedia Photos by Fred Askew

This photolog: Bike Liberation photos

It was Bike Liberation day

Bicyclists gather on 2nd Ave. to “ticket” motorized vehicles parked or standing in the bike lane.

The “Bicycle Clown Brigade” wants to draw attention to the dangerous conditions created when motorized vehicles occupy […]

Still we ride flows to other coast

Coming soon to the birth place of Critical Mass, San Francisco will be screening still we ride after the September critical mass on Friday the 30th, 9pm. The screening will be a fundraiser to assist with legal fees for arrested bicyclists in NYC. The film will be shown at Station-40, a collective community […]

Bike riders demand justice from Bloomberg

Press Conference Today!!

NEW YORK – On August 25, 2005 at 1:00 PM at Collect Pond Park across from the New York City Criminal Courthouse at 100 Centre Street, FreeWheels will hold a press conference to send a personal plea to Mayor Bloomberg and kick off a local lobbying campaign geared toward ending the […]