the deviant thrill of the scatter

Critical Mass was lots of fun tonight…sort of. Yes there were arrests. 20-40 people is the estimate. The multiple meet up spots worked good. 150 people were at Union Square, 30 people in Washington Square and about 20 in Tompkins. The group at Washington Square was left alone and played a game of “Find […]

How attend Critical Mass out of town

First, make sure someone has put it on some sort of events calender…like the one last weekend in Washington DC, on the Friday before the HUGE anti-war march. Yes, critical mass does not need to be only on the last Friday of every month.Then get together with a bunch of friends and load all […]

For those riding in NYC September Critical Mass…

The NYC critical mass is this Friday, 9.30.05. There is large encouragement to use the 4 meeting spots. Choose your own adventure. Goto: Washington Square Park, Tompkins Sqaure Park, Union Square Park (Both North and South Sides) and Madison Park (23rd and Broadway) 7:00pm

Here is a little speech on the importance of these […]

While activists use non-violence…

SUV drivers commit to extreme violence.

This came off dc indymedia

World Bank Disrupted, SUV Strikes ProtestorAuthorJoe SaccoDate Created25 Sep 2005More details…Joe Sacco, while working to prevent delegates from attending the World Bank meeting on Sunday, was nearly killed when a motorist drove at speeds over 45 mph with the protester on the […]

We’ve got momentum

Cindy Sheehan got arrested in Washington DC today at the pinnacle of her anti-war tour. She was willing to put herself on the frontlines of a growing anti-war movement and take that next step of direct action. Sheehan’s arrest The Neo-cons in Washington, who are more than willing to sacrifice our sons and daughters […]

Huge Rally and March in DC, against the war

This weekend there was a massive demonstration against the on-going oil profiteering of Bush and Cheney otherwise known as the Iraq war. Friday, Sept. 23rd was a a critical mass bike ride of 150 or so brave souls, through the streets of DC. No arrests. Saturday was a giant march and rally. This ended […]

Burning Man 2005 by bicycle

Burning Man 2005. Although it is expensive, especially for East Coast people, Burning Man is an amazing art event that everyone should try to go to at least once in their life. Burning Man It is also an amazing place to have a bicycle. Here are just a few images of Bikes at Burning […]

Car free day

So today is car free day. I’m sure we will all be walking, biking and finding otherways of getting around? Right? Not likely. Conservation is not in the lexicon of consumer driven Americans, who would be more happy to have world plenty of Hummers day. At least think about it public transportation.

Thanks to […]

Harassment of Dissent Continues in NYC

If you ride a bike in this city you can expect harassment by the NYPD beyond just those attending such things as critical mass. If you are outspoken against the occupation of Iraq you can expect even more harassment, and it seems, if you try to help those outspoken against the occupation, you can […]

Wake up drivers!! We are not targets.

So let us not forget that while we make slow victories like getting the D.O.T. to reduce the expansion joint covers on the Willy B. Bridge, we are still being needlessly killed in the streets for daring to ride our bikes. Here is another victim of a city which refuses to create a safe […]