Harassment of Dissent Continues in NYC

If you ride a bike in this city you can expect harassment by the NYPD beyond just those attending such things as critical mass. If you are outspoken against the occupation of Iraq you can expect even more harassment, and it seems, if you try to help those outspoken against the occupation, you can […]

Wake up drivers!! We are not targets.

So let us not forget that while we make slow victories like getting the D.O.T. to reduce the expansion joint covers on the Willy B. Bridge, we are still being needlessly killed in the streets for daring to ride our bikes. Here is another victim of a city which refuses to create a safe […]

G8 report back and Screening, Tomorrow!

Bad Ass Biker has been doing an excellent job of putting together a great line up of videos which are screened at the space on Thursdays. Just one of the many ways Time’s Up expands its cultural horizons to more than just mixing it up in the streets on bikes. Props to him and […]