Another Cyclist Killed

This comes off nyc.indymedia’s news wire from NYCbr:NEW YORK QUEENS: RESTAURANT WORKER KILLED IN CRASH A busboy bicycling home from work was killed by a drunken driver in Flushing on Saturday night, the police said yesterday. The busboy, left, identified as Angel Quizphi, 24, of Corona, was struck by a blue van as he […]

Alley cats galore and Bike Kill 05

The crew from Track Star working a checkpoint at Bike Kill. Races had to smell the bloody underwear.

Right Behind the brand new Home Depot in Bed-stuy Brooklyn, doing its part to put all small hardware stores out of buisness, and give lots of jobs to people for minuim wage is Sanford St. This […]

London Critical Mass Video

Here is a video of Last Nights UK Critical Mass. Seems like a lot of stopping and partying…ah the good ol days.

Windows Media Player video of London Critical Mass

Halloween Critical Mass…Hope we didn’t (Bug) you.

Mutant Bugs on chopper bikes were unleashed on the city of New York last night for the annual Halloween Critical Mass. This has always been the most festive fun bike ride in New York City. Past rides have featured thousands of people in costumes with sound systems, tall bikes and all forms of creative […]

Critical Mass / Time’s Up wants your support Tonight

Tonight is Critical Mass-Special Halloween Dress up ride…there will probably be many people dressed up in blue…but they are not in costume. Time’s Up wanted me to remind you that tonight after critical mass is there fundraiser. This amazing environmental group has been servicing the community for 18 years with free bike rides, education […]

The Block(s) is Hot.

So the NYPD are cracking down on bicycles in the Herald Square area. 34th and 6th Ave. We have gotten reports that bike cops and beat cops are making it a priority of harassing cyclists, difinitely a form of “selective enforcement,” since traffic violations occur in this city every second. You can get pulled […]

Cincinnati Alley Cat

Alley cat races are popping up all over. Here is a new one in Cincinnati, hosted by the flying pig courier company.flying pig alley cat


Ok this is going to be quite a weekend for bikes. Halloween weekend. Here are the upcoming events for the NYC area.

Friday October 28th. NYC Halloween Critical Mass. 4 meet-up spots. Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, Madison Park and Tompkin Square Park. Meet 7:00pm. Wear a costume. What could be more scary […]

High School starts cycling club

With obesity on the rise and many teens opting to veg-out on the couch and play militarized video games, one high school is encouraging fitness through bike riding. LaGuardia High School is forming a cycling club. Liam P. Quigley contacted me to let everyone know about their website

He writes: “Hi. I currently […]

Urban Cyclist Survey

Andy Outis is a design student working on his Master’s Degree in Design at the school of Visual Arts in NYC. For his thesis project, Andy is designing a line of bike accessories which will directly address the needs and problems of the urban cyclist, a growing population which is underserved by the general […]