Critical Mass…same ol same.

Hey it’s December, its cold out, its the holidays…I’m sure the cops won’t be wasting time on another critical mass bike ride…besides all that bad press about infilitrating protest groups…WRONG!

Here is an eye-witness account of last nights ride:

A NYPD helicopter circled over Union Sqareharrasing gathering cyclists with it’s glaring searchlight while a […]

New Years Ride

Democracy now had a roundtable discussion on the use of undercovers at bicycle related demonstrations and memorial rides. The story was launched last Thursday in front page story in the New Yor k Times by journalist Jym Dwyer. The show aired Tuesday (12/27/05) and can be archived at democracy now or at […]

Happy Holidays from Bike Blog

More Bike Blogs…and a new Brooklyn store.

Here are a few more bike blogs I discovered:

biking bis

A female messenger’s blog:

girl sport

New bike shop in Williamsburg on Hope St.(Hope St. and Marcy) from those at the clothing design company 4916.

King […]

Strikes over…now keep Biking, even if they’re spying.

The transit strike is over in NYC, although a contract has not yet been agreed upon. It was amazing seeing people have to adapt to the circumstances and find other ways to get around. We got to see what it’s like with a city full of bikes and not just on the last Friday […]

Tomorrow, Volunteer bike love.

On the morning commute to work, Barbara and Michael will be in Brooklyn, at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, offering free hats to keep warm and air, to pump up tires. I will also have some bike tools, for minor repair.

Thursday, December 22nd, 8AM

Brooklyn Bridge

check out Amanda Hickman’s write up:


Oh what fun it is to Ride…when there’s a transit strike.

It’s rather sad that it takes a strike of a large labor union to turn this city into a venerable paradise for bike riding. Some how the president of the MTA was trying to make concessions to the workers but in the last minute of the deal slapped them with a 6% premium increase […]

Bike Pool

People entering the bridge in Brookyln.

What it’s like out there? Bike Utopia comes to mind. Today was the first day of the citywide Transit Worker’s Union Strike in NYC. We had a small bike-pool to work this morning that left promptly at 8:00am from the base of the Williamsburg Bridge. The idea was […]

TWU strike? Ride a bike.

Ok, so the MTA with it’s two sets of books and lack of transparency of their accounting, who love to cry poverty…is not budging on talks with the Transportation Workers Union and it looks like a city wide strike of our public transportation is possibly going to happen tomorrow. Funny how the MTA cries […]

Been in Utah for work…bad news in Brooklyn

I’ve been in sunny Utah working and snowboarding…

Got some bad news from Brooklyn,

BROOKLYN: BOY STRUCK BY CAR A 13-year-old riding his bike in Brownsville yesterday was struck and critically injured by a sport utility vehicle whose driver was intoxicated, the police said. The boy, who was identified by his family as Carlyon […]