Shopping guide Part 2

If you feel philanthropic you can donate money to some great bike organizations…

Buy a membership for some one at Transportation Alternatives or Time’s Upor Doante to the Bicycle Legal Defense fund and help with legal costs with the NYPD war against NYC critical mass.

You could donate to recycle-a-bicycleThis is a great non […]

Holiday Gift giving ideas…part 1

Well its that time again when we give gifts around the holiday season, so why not give some original gifts to your favorite bike rider.Personally, I say wear it in a t-shirt…Visit for the finest in stickin to that glutonous pig and the worlds most unnecessary vehicle. All shirts are American Apparel. I […]

Race Results for Rico

I had a great time in Boston this weekend. Hung out with Lucas Brunelle, the one person who can document alleycats like no other. His website gets thousands of hits a day and it’s easy to see why. When Lucus is not running his business in the Boston area, he’s perfecting the ultimate coverage […]

Rico Race, alleycat for injured member of beloved courier community.

Today in AlleyCat race news a special fundraiser and tribute to a well know courier from DC who was hurt on the job:

Saturday, 3rd of December…demon cats a race collective in the nation’s capital has organized the event…

from the nybma website, which I believe a bunch of NYC’s finest are going to […]

A funny thing happened on the way to answer a Craig’s List Ad.

So I was thinking about buying…yes, another bicycle. Can you really have enough? I mean the avid fuel bunner needs their Hummer for pretending to go off-road, their sports car for showing off in town and their Ford Escort for errands to Wal-mart and picking up the kids from soccer practice. In the same […]