Bicycle Film Festival Winter Party

Lit bar on 2nd Ave, was packed with all kinds of bikers. Not the kind in leather chaps, no these bikers had their non motorized bicycles valet parked outside to celebrate the upcoming bicycle film festival.Festival Director Brendt Barbur and anthem magazine hosted this pre-warm up party to celebrate 6 strong years of this […]

Clarification on courier assault

A fellow blog reader pointed out some things about this story of a female courier assaulted. Here is a link to the site which includes an account from the messenger herself.

Courier attacked

Quick clarifications

So a lot of rumors floating out there about the Friday Critical Mass. First off, the guy who helped the injured police officer…Is not a cop! He is an EMT and volunteer bike mechanic for TIME’S UP. See, we care.

There is someone accused for felony assault. I do not know if this person […]

Critical Mess

Police officer is loaded into ambulance after collision on tonights critical mass ride.Photo by Fritz Askew.OH NO, two cops got hurt on tonights ride trying to tackle cyclist engaged in the very illegal activity of riding their bikes.

mark my words the NYPD will be harping on this ride for the next five years. […]

Check this shit out! Dude, your fighting a woman!

Courier in Toronto is attacked…see the pictures…

bike messenger attacked

The shit we cyclists have to put up with. I’ve heard of many of these incidents happing last year in NYC. I’m glad it was caught on camera.

Critical Mass talk on 92.3 K-rock

So Elizabeth Press and Andrew Lynn, two of the three directors of “Still We Ride” were on 92.3 Krock this morning talking with former front man of Van Halen, David Lee Roth. David now hosts the time slot where Howard Stern used to be before his mass exodus to pay-radio. Apparently David is a […]

New Plan for North End of Union Square Park

The NYC Department of Parks & Recreation will be presenting a new and revised plan for the north end of Union Square Park at Community Board 5’s Parks Committee meeting on Monday, January 30, at 6 p.m. at the Fashion Institute of Technology, “A” Building, 8th floor, 227 W. 27th St. near Eighth Avenue. […]

He’s Just a gigaloo and everywhere he goes…

David Lee Roth? Remember “Hot for Teacher” the video on MTV with big haired kids playing a young Van Halen? Remember learning David had a Bar Mitzvah? How bout when he got busted for buying weed in Washington Square Park. Oh, that Sammy Hagar Breakup was rough. But Fear not, the badboy who was […]

Oh yeah, OOPS.

That Noah Budnick of TA and Jeffery Odefey from Waterkeeper talk was TONIGHT.

The person who sent me this posting screwed up and is very sorry. SO that Talk was Tuesday the 24th, not tomorrow…wednesday the 25th.

Warriors…come out and SEE A MOVIE!

So we were supposed to screen this documentary I helped to make, the Warriors…the bike race, at the Time’s Up space as part of their regular Thursday screenings. Well things didn’t work out. BUT THIS TIME WE MEAN IT!

Bike TV and TIme’s Up present: MOVIE NIGHTthe theme is messengers.

Saturday, January 28th, 2006