Bike Culture for sale (?)

So I leave for one freakin weekend and all kinds of things break out or more like get broken.

I’m still thinking about the broken windows at Brooklyn Industries with the writings: “Bike Culture is not for sale!”


and check out gothamist

Is bike Culture for sale? There used to be a […]

Critical Mass, calms down, sort of…

I have been away, but from all accounts I got so far from people on the February NYC critical mass, things were calmer. 300 people showed up to ride after the recent court ruling with no idea how the cops would react. Many people felt the NYPD will act on their own and pay […]

The police care about us…NOT

So the NYPD, is very concerned about our safety. This is why when 21 cyclists were killed in NYC by cars, who often times didn’t even know they had hit anyone, the police took action. Did they investigate each accident and try and discover problems with roadways and lack of infustructure for bicycles? Nope, […]

February Critical Mass…can’t we all just get along.

critical mass is Today, as it is in 400 cities all over the world. A celebration of our right to the road, personal freedom. Tell that to the NYPD. I say, lets ride! (of course, I’m in Seattle, but give em hell in NYC)

Here is a recent article from the village voice:

village […]

Couriers got it bad in Iraq…maybe they should get bicycles.

Couriers in Iraq…I guess their a long way from Alleycat races and fixed gears, but I wonder if bikes would be sucessful or not?

From the NY Times:

February 22, 2006 Neither War Nor Bombs Stay These Iraq Couriers By SABRINA TAVERNISE

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Feb. 21 — In a country where the […]

Bikeblogger opens foot, inserts mouth

You never know what comments will create interest. Sometimes it’s good to know who’s out there, but I hate creating unnecessary controversy with speculative comments.


It was a mistake for me to suggest such nonsense. I mean people […]

Brookyln Industires helps Recycle-a-bicycle

Tall bikes in Brooklyn Industires stores, I wonder what they will do with them when they’re done…hmmm.Brooklyn Industries is down with bikes. At first I was a little skeptical about this place with all of their ripping off popular punk logos and making it say brooklyn. Then we started seeing these stores pop up […]

brrrrr. It looked cold.

They had an alley cat in Baltimore on the 18th, “shock trauma.” The folks at demoncats DC’s racing collective, have posted some pictures. Check it out.

Bicycle Film Festival Deadline extended

Deadline for submissions has been extended to February 28th.

more details:

bicycle film festival 06

Article about bike messengers.

An article about Bike Messengers in San Diego, yet so much more…

Bike messengers roll with changes

Six San Diego companies still doing business in Internet age

San Diego Union-Tribune, February 16, 2006

By Frank Green

In a world where documents can be e-mailed with the flick of a finger, […]