Pictures from Shock Trauma in Baltimore

Pictures from Baltimore’s own alley cat race, “shock trauma” February 18th, 2006pix


Artwork by Greg UgaldeIn 2006, despite cold weather and slick streets, alley cat races have already happened in cities like, Baltimore, DC and Boston…but in my opinion…this is the Kickoff of the Urban Street race season as it has been for 6 years in a row, right here in NYC. Monster Track 7March 3rd-5th […]

Boston Alley Cat…Feb. 25th.

Boston hosted Schlitzandgiggles Alley cat race, naked trackstands, indoor footdown and gold sprints. What more could you want.

Pictures from flickr tag the word alleycat.Riders gather in the snow.More pictures at:rushin revolution

NYC was there to represent and Squid has a story about the event…

February 25, 2006

It was cold windy and snowing. […]