Monster Track, The Race

Monster Track…the one and only fixed gear mayhem alley cat had it’s main race through the streets of Manhattan and ended up in Willy B. Brookyln. There were about 200 riders who started the race at Marcus Garvey Park, Harlem (124th). The race details were not posted online accept for a few hints on […]

Bike TV in SanFrancisco

Clarence Eckerson comes to you from San Francisco with the head of the SF bicycle coalition and the Tour de California.

biketv SF

Monster Track 7 group ride video

Ok, I’m excited. This is my first video published on the web using you tube.

I am also excited about the immediacy in which this was posted. This event happened last night at 7:50pm. We all took the Williamsburg Bridge, not the bike path, dammit!

I appologize, cause the quality is kind of […]

Filmed by Bike asks for submission

A Film Festival in Portland Oregon is seeking submission of movies made about bikes, on bikes for bikers. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a movie before, this is a grassroots festival open to all. filmed by bike

Films or videos should be no longer than 8 minutes.The deadline for submissions is March 15th, […]

Monster Track 7 on target…

waiting for the group ride…brrrrrrrr.We gathered at Delancey and Essex in front of the pizza shop for the group ride. This was the kick-off event to a three day weekend of Alley cat madness otherwise known as monster track 7. Messengers and urban street racing enthusiasts rubbed hands to stay warm as the ride […]