Smolka picks on a femal legal observer but never drops his coffe.

Oh Bruce Smolka, you are such a tough guy. Bruising a 27 year old woman in Times Square. You realize the green hats these people are wearing identifies them as L-E-G-A-L observers, right? Are you that stupid or do you just don’t give a fuck. My you are sloppy. Your demonizing the bike riders […]

NYC critical Mass gets noticed

Wow, our velorution is so popular and must directly effect the global economy that we made it into the Economist…

economist article

From the Cities Guide…New York-News this Month

Pedal PowerIn a long-running battle between the city and a group of committed cyclists, Michael Stallman, a state supreme court judge, ruled in favour of […]

New video

Here is a quick video of Andy Zalan from DC, winning the backwards circle contest at King Kog’s monster track event.

More Pictures from Monster Track 2006 on Flickr

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