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blue bird bike

Pictures from 12 Monkey’s Alley cat in Philly

It is one thing to make a tall bike. Riding it around is a skill all to itself not to mention just getting on the damn thing. But, to ride a tall bike in an alley cat race is truely impressive. demon cats out of DC have some great photographs from the 12 monkey’s […]

Clarence Eckerson gives talk.

Clarence Eckerson of bike tv is giving a talk about community activism. Connecting local leaders with the neighborhood and exposing them to available resources.

Connecting Neighborhood Leaders with Resources Mon, March 20, 6:30 – 8:00 pm Learn about resources – including technological tools, planning and advocacy assistance, videography, and media strategy – that the […]

the Gotham Gazette suggests times up

Looking for a place for good local news coverage? Check out the Gotham Gazette online…they also link to Times Up on their Environmental Alternatives section:

gotham gazette suggests