March Massness!

Well now, its time to ride. The weather is getting nice…which is weird, and the courts are on our side. So, NYC critical Mass
Friday, March 31st. Union Square 7:00pm. Same as it every was! What do people think about the upcoming ride? Post your comments.

4 comments to March Massness!

  • eva

    The first time Critical Mass happens on my birthday – how can I miss it? I will celebrate the Spring and the extremely likely end of nypd crackdown on bike riding!

  • another fellow biker

    Ok, to the wild ones. Enjoy but please be civilize and don’t make your fellow bikers look bad. I was walking home on the night of the last critical mass when one of the bikers in the group tried to make an ass out of himself while I was waiting for the walk signal.

  • nycpennyfarthing

    did you make this “front page,” mike? it ROCKS!!

  • Michael Green

    Made by yours truely. Soon to be a flyer taped to as many bikes as I can find. LETS RIDE!