Last Night’s Critical Mass

What a joke. We gathered in Union Square, smaller this time than the ride in March. Kind of weird for a warmer spring day. Where is everyone? There was a double wide tall bike made at Cooper Union’s design program…come on, I mean if you can ride that thing at Manhattan Critical Mass, we […]

Swedish article about NYC Bike Culture

My spelling is not so good and neither is my Swedish. A friend of one of my favorite blogs suckapants translated this article from a Swedish rag on bike culture in NYC.

If you read swedish check the original article

[Berge, Lars, “Budbärare”, Svenska Dagbladet, 9 April 2006]

A thing to ponder over […]

How do we make our city better…look to Bogota, Colombia.

Enrique Penalosa, is the former mayor of Bogota Colombia. In his three year term he made huge strides in making his city, more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. He realized what makes a city great is more access to public space and thus people of all economic backgrounds appreciate their environment and feel more connected […]

Meeting to help with Freewheels Fundraiser

Freewheels who organizes the Bicycle Defense Fund is having a big fundraiser on May 20th and they need people tohelp make this event BIG!

Here in NYC,the bicycle defense fun, as you know, is important to EVERYONE whorides in the mass. Raising cash to pay lawyers is a vital part ofkeeping the mass alive. […]

Article on Pittsburgh Messengers

Forgot to include this article about that other city in Pennsylvania.Renegade cyclists stay edgy

Pittsburgh Tribune Review, April 17, 2006

By Andrew Johnson

Gothic black bottoms, down-the-back dreadlocks and pierced septumsdon’t exactly mesh with Lance Armstrong’s image. Michael Camp, 29, of Rochester, is no Armstrong. He likes to combinehis bike rides with a trip […]

Pittsburgh Alley Cat and Bike Scene

So a few people have contacted me from Pittsburgh PA to tell me about their bike scene.

Brian Janaszek writes about their first Alley Cat of 2006 the Caffeinator.“There were seven checkpoints, all at various coffeehouses around the city. At four of the stops, the racers would have to drink a shot of coffee […]

April Critical Mass and Fund Raiser-After Party for Daniel McGowan

April 28th is Critical Mass, Union Square North 7:00pm. Last Friday of the Month.

There is also a Fund Raiser and Party for Daniel McGowan

Daniel McGowan is an environmental and social justice activist, unjustly arrested and charged in federal court on multiple counts of arson, property destruction, and conspiracy, relating to two incidents […]

Cool videos of racin

Carlos, of Team Puma and organizer of Monster Track 7 has some cool videos up that he shot and edited. The guy does it all.


April 27-29 Energy Solutions Conference

Gas prices topping $4.00 a gallon, Oil wars by an bunch of oil barrons who say we’re addicted to oil? And the science fiction writer of that Dinosaur movie claims global warming is a myth? What is a planet to do?

Can I put solar panels on my roof, can I run my […]

MAY is Bike Month

I mean April ain’t over yet, but the new calender is coming out for MAY which is of course BIKE MONTH. The calender I speak of is from Time’s Up and it looks like there are a #%#$ load of great events here in NYC. Look for it soon.

Here is an interview with […]