While in Philly…

I was a one man army in Philly, armed with a dvx100a and a helmet cam. Not easy.

Before the R.E.Load Bag sponsered 6th annual April Fool’s race, I stopped for Green Tea at 733 N. 2nd St. (just down the street from the Reload shop)David Kessler works there and silkscreened these t-shirts…great minds […]

April Fool’s Mixed Bag Alleycat

Know where these streets are in Manhattan?

1. Lincoln Center (the start. Not obscure)2. Edgar St. (financial district)3. Stone St. (financial district)4. Rose St. 5. Freeman’s Alley6. Cherokee St. (77th & York)7. Grant’s Tomb8. Sylvan Terrace (168th & St. Nicholas)9. The Little Red Lighthouse underneath the George Washington Bridge10. The Cloisters11. 245th & Broadway […]

Holy Crap, there was a lot going on this weekend

And this is just the Spring. This is going to be the year of the bicycle, I can feel it!Other April Fools Happenings:“Four brass bands took over Fort Greene Park. The Hungry March Band, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, the What Cheer? Brigade, and A Lesser Panda, four of the most titanic, charismatic, enigmatic, never […]