Criminal Mass Movie

Chris Ryan…that lovable lost viking from the warriors ride is at it again.

This time he is lost in a sea of editing to bring you his latestest video creation:

Criminal Mass. It is my understanding that this is a more personal account of the on going struggle with the city and critical mass. […]

Roving Garden party

May 13th is a packed day for bikes…*Bike Film Festival*Trackstar Street Events-Block Party*Bridge Battle Alley Cat

and this…


Saturday, May 13th at 2pmTompkins Square Park

Spiral Dancing and Drum Beating!Feisty Cavorting and Street Transforming!One Part Ecology, Two Parts Mardi Gras!Rambunctious fun for all!

Come dance down the streets to […]

5 boro bike tour

Yesterday was the 5 borough bike tour which I participated in for the first time in my 15 years of bike riding in New York. I had a really good time and hooked up with a great bunch of people from various age groups, bike riding abilities and political affiliations (towards biking). I understand […]