Article from Village Voice about Garden Parade


LoiteringCall Any VegetableArticle by: Silke TudorPublished May 16th, 2006Villagevoice NYC Life sectionPhotographs by Tod Seelie

The weatherman threatened the city with rain on Saturday but there seems little menace in the featherweight clouds shuffling across the pale May sky. Eventually, the growing heat of the afternoon sun coerces me into Tompkins Square Park, […]

Pictures of Andre’s Memorial Ride

Here is a link to pictures taken on Sunday’s Time’s Up Memorial ride for Andre Anderson.

REVELOCITY-Freewheels fundraiser and Party!!!

Come on OUT!

WHAT: A Great Party for a Great Cause!WHEN: Saturday May 20th, 9:00pm- Very LateWHERE: Dick Shea’s Dance Studios, 69 W. 14th St (@6th Ave)

This Saturday, May 20th, we celebrate the strange and stalwart, themaligned and mass-ive, the the odd and oft-oppressed. We celebratethe Bike, in all it’s geared and […]

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s the superhero alleycat

If your feeling pumped after the bridge battle it’s time to jump into the phone booth or head to the bat cave to don your super powers for the next Alley Cat Race. It’s the Superheroes Race–Saturday May 20th. This is a two person team race like in Batman and Robin so now you […]