The Lost Viking at Critical Mass-Tonight

So, I am working and not at the Bike Month Critical Mass. But our favorite Lost Viking is going to call me with updates: There he is now…


400 people at Union Square,

8 scooter cops and 2 golf carts.

Wide variety of cyclists from BMX, lots of Grey Haired bicyclists, with […]

Memorial Ride video and Saturday screening.

Andrew Lynn, one of the producer/directors of Still we ride posted this message:

Hi bike movie people…

i wanted to let everyone know that a short video (4 min.) i put togetherdocumenting the NYC memorial ride recently played at the bicycle filmfestival here in NYC, and now it is up online.

you can watch […]

Its never too late…

Tod Seelie rocks! He put up some pictures of this Years Bicycle Film Festival on his Blog

Check out more here

Thanks to all who made Bike Month so Rad.

pictures of Joey’s Parade

Fritz Askew has put up some nice photos of the Hungry March Band lead Feast for Joey…Check it.