Memorial Ride for 3 fallen cyclists

Despite sheets of rain and nasty storm winds the Time’s Up memorial ride took place yesterday evening. About 40-50 riders meet in front of the Intrepid Museum on the Westside Highway to pay tribute to the deaths of three cyclists which took place in the month of June. I left my home in Williamsburg […]

Rocky 4 race

Check out Whitesnakes report on Rocky 4 race in Philadelphia… Mess NYC

Alley Cat report from Oakland

Besides all the bad shit that is happening to cyclists here…Alleycat racing is alive and well and blowin up all over the map.

On June 24th was the Oakland Scrape John (known as McBomb on flickr, filed this report:

photo page for Oakland Scape

100 riders wait to race…nice turnout.Lesse, if you look […]

Quick review of events

Thursday June 29th

-Rally at City Hall for Bikes 9am

-Times Up memorial Ride6:30pm at the Intrepid

-Movie Night at Time’s Up space 49 East Houston8:00pm, showing of the documentary “the Take”–Free

—————————–Friday, June 30th

-Breakfast on the Bridge.Wlliamsburg side of Williamsburg Bridge7:30am-Noon

-Critical Mass7:00pm Union Square North

——————————-Saturday, July 1stBicycle Fetish Day Noon […]

Rally at City Hall Tomorrow 8:45am

The cyclist fatalities and serious crashes over the past three weekshave brought renewed attention to the fact that little progress is beingmade to eliminate these everyday cycling hazards.

Join Transportation Alternatives and leading bicycle advocates, clubsand organizations on Thursday morning to call on Mayor Bloomberg toredouble New York City’s bike safety efforts:


Someone dies and now we start questioning…

Yes it is a sad world we live in. It takes a cyclists death before the media starts to wonder what the hell is going on in this city with cyclists. Not to mention this cyclist that died, was a promanent doctor at a local hospital…”what, not some weirdo…” Its no wonder in this […]

Breakfast on the Bridge

Friday, June 30th. A group of Time’s Up volunteers will be hosting “Breakfast on the Bridge” 7:30am till Noon. On the Williamsburg side of the Williamsburg Bridge. Come over for free breakfast treats from the fine folks at Time’s Up.

See, cool things for bikers don’t just happen in Portland Oregon.

Rich says:

“this […]

Memorial ride for killed cyclists.

Virtual resistance has been working on new ghost bikes and they will be presneted on a memorial ride for the rash of cyclists killed in June.

MEMORIAL RIDEThursday, June 29, 6:30 p.m.West Side Greenway at 42nd Street (in front of the Intrepid)

Carl Nacht, 56, was killed by an NYPD tow truck making a […]

Three cyclists have died in June.

I was going to write something trivial this morning, like about how the mermaid parade went or comment on this picture I took for something I was going to start about the worst bike abuse of the month. A pole in the middle of the city with a stripped down bicycle seems rather silly […]

Watch out on West Side Highway, Bike Path

Its nice to have your own bicycle greenway that takes you up and down the Westside of Manhattan, if your into that sort of thing. There are obstacles, like dumb struck tourists gawking at the Intrept museum and now NYPD tow trucks that are in a real hurry to get your vehicle to the […]