Finally…we have some video up from a ride.

I was beginning to think I had to do it all myself. This is a great video of the NYC July critical mass. So timely and it show how clueless the NYPD really are…so pay close attention folks.

Eye Witness of the NYPD’s campaign to harass cyclists.

Central park is all part of the Master Plan, to harass cyclists and discourage our ridership…How else can you explain cops now ticketing cyclists in Central Park? Why now is this an issue? The cops say it is because someone got hurt by a bike rider. Weather this is true or not…DId you hear […]

What you can do about the new "Parade Rules"

You know when you break a vase in the house by playing nerf football and your parents make a RULE about not playing football anymore in the living room…Well the NYPD is trying to make new rules about parading.

This roughly translates into: The NYPD have been unsuccessful in stopping the critical mass bike […]