Six Pack Race

A video by Luke Stiles. The last day of the NYC Velo tour was decided by a six pack drinking contest.

Wednesday-Memorial Bike Ride for Brad

Yesterday there was a protest at the Mexican Consulate in NYC to demand justice for the killing of Brad Will, independent journalist who was shot dead in Oaxaca.

Here is a link to a media roundup of yesterday’s protest including 2 videos taken yesterday.

This is a response from the Will Family:

“We are […]

Kevin Dillard of DemonCats

Kevin Dillard of Demoncats took great pictures of the 2006 Halloween Alleycat in NYC.

the pix

Here are the results of the race posted on NYBMA

60 people raced, and only a few more than 30 finished the 35 mile course that took us from Thompkins Square park up to 153rd […]

Tod Seelie’s pictures of Bike Kill 06

Tod Seelie of Suckapants blog took great pictures of Bike Kill 06

everyday I live pictures

Report of Halloween Critical Mass on Friday in NYC

a report from Brian Mcgloin on the Critical Mass and Time’s Up afterparty.

Bike Kill 2006

Photo by Josh WhitesnakeAmazing weekend. Bike Kill was awesome as usual. Lots of participation.Here are some pixphoto by: Bike Fever…on Bike Fever’s andPhoto by Violent Grindthe best pictures of jousting I have seen. the violent grind

Josh Whitesnake of Mess NYC has a good photo report of this weekend […]

Goldsprints NYC video

Ken Stanek was the big winner this weekend. First he came in 2nd place in qualifing time at the Goldsprints series at Lulu’s in Greenpoint on Friday night…then he won the Halloween race the next day. DAMN.

This is an ongoing series. For two more Friday’s in November, you can qualify for the your […]

Rest in Peace Brad

Brad Will, was killed in Oaxaca Mexico on Friday by paramilitaries who did not want him reporting on the killing and brutalization of the local residents who have been staging a 5 month occupation of their city. Brad is a friend of mine. He was a tireless activist, journalist and environmentalist. I have been […]

Goldsprints series in Brooklyn

What could be more frightening than seeing Mike Dee commando on a couch in Vegas? Not much…

Halloween weekend kicks off with…Tonight starts a 4 time weekly Gold Sprints Race series in Greenpoint. LuLu’s Lounge 113 Franklin St. @ Greenpoint Ave. in Greenpoint Brooklyn.Each Friday night you can have the chance to qualify with […]


Go biker go. Hmmm I don’t think this is real but it looks cool.