Time’s Up Press Conference

TIME’S UP PRESS CONFERENCECome blow the lid off the Bloomberg Administration’s excessive expenditures selectively targeting Critical Mass cyclists.

Thursday, November 16, 2006 10:30 AM at City Hall StepsRain or Shine

For the past 28 months, the NYPD has been harassing law abiding cyclists on the Critical Mass bike rides. Now the NYPD is proposing […]

4 page article on angry wing-nut cyclists in NYC

Ben McGrath has written a four page artilce on cycling in NYC in the current issue of the New Yorker Magazine

Its another good fluff piece on people but what about the issues and really:

“On cycling blogs, riders were trading stories of being stopped by plainclothes officers while crossing the Brooklyn and […]

NY Times OP-Ed on bike lanes

So Samuel I. Schwartz wrote an Op-ed in the NYTimes about bike lanes…

Published November 5th, 2006.

This really boggles my mind. Our we so powerless and clueless about what to do with curbing the behavior of our motor vehicles that KILL a lot more people than a bicycle could ever hope to imagine, […]

Polariods from downunder

Andy Zalan posted some polaroids from his trip to the CWMC in Australia.


Check out this new website: World Changing They have chapters in: New York, Austin, Canada, Portland (of course) and Twin Cities.

Here is a bit of their mission statement:“Worldchanging was founded on the idea that real solutions already exist for building the future we want. it’s just a matter of grabbing hold and getting […]

Bike ride for Brad-Report

More photos of the ride at nyc indymedia Photos posted by Brendan.

About 50 people rode bikes around Manhattan yesterday in solidarity with the popular uprising in Oaxaca Mexico and for slain biker and activist Brad Will. The independent journalist, Brad Will was murdered by “plain clothes,” Mexican paramilitaries while covering the repression of […]

Fixed the video

So I learned a few tricks with compression, bought a program and was able to re-make my video for Brad Will about the protest on Monday at the mexican consulate. Don’t forget there is a bike ride today at 1:00pm. Meeting at 40th St. and the Westside Highway.