Santacon photos

This was by far the largest santacon participation I have seen in the 6 or 7 years I’ve been involved in this great event. In Central Park around 3:00pm, there had to be close to 400 santas…and a few dreidels and menorahs and of course the chanukah chicken and frosty. One guy was a naughty rudolph with a sign that read…free ride for Mrs Claus. Here are some photos at flickr

3 comments to Santacon photos

  • Paul Tay

    Yeah, but, where da Santacon Critical Mass at? Tulsa still got you guys BEAT. Everytime Santa rolls in T-Town, EVERY stinkin’ switchboard, 911, radio and TV station, LIGHTS up.

    Kudos to the FREE RIDE 4 MRS. CLAUS signs though. Nice touch. The REAL Santa would have probably rolled Captain Pecker with that.

    All in all, congrats on the turnout.

  • here in ventucky we’re doing santacon on bikes, following the lead of the midnight ridazz!

  • Michael Green

    Awesome, send me pictures and the report back.