Cleveland is cold

So I’m in Cleveland right now working on a travel show as a cameraman. (not me in the picture) Cleveland is a bit chilly right now but seems like a nice place to ride a bike, lots of briges and flat lands. Turns out there was a messenger race on Saturday (1/20/07) I tried getting in touch with someone in the area…but they never emailed me back. What gives? How was the race? What is the biker scene like here? I was great seeing fix gears zipping about in the 28 degree weather…There are also surfers here in the winter…hardcore.
Here are a few racers I snapped while we drove around

For more info on the messenger scene in the Great Lakes area check out: Chicago 7

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  • Sean Kelly

    Cleveland is actually good for riding. You probably did not get down to the Metroparks. Imagine the city encircled with a string of parks in the river valleys west, south, and east of the city. The Metroparks also connect with the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and that can take you to Akron and beyond. If you are in the area again and have already visited the art museum (the top tourist stop in Cleveland), go for a ride in the Metroparks. It is a woefully underutilized gem.

    These parks are like Central Park with one tenth the people. There are bike/walk trails and the main roads are lightly enough driven that I felt safe the last time I road there.

    Many of the main roads are broad and are paralleled by side roads, so it is easy to find your way safely around.

    Pavement conditions can be terrible due to freeze-thaw cycles.
    The other big downer is that few people ride. Many young people move away from the are (including me). The time I rode around Cleveland while visiting I would hardly see anyone on a bike for a full day.