Idiotarod 2007 video

Saturday was the Idiotarod. A race based on the iditarod, the Alaskan sled race, only this urban version is a team of five strapped to a shopping cart. Home Depot must be wondering where their shopping carts are, but look no further than the streets of Brooklyn and Queens, where some 400 participants raced. Its not a bike event, but it certainly has all the trimmings of a good one, lots of police presences, helicopters flying overhead, afterparties shut down before they started. Ah the fun of freedom in America. But despite the cluelessness of the NYPD we had a great time and check out this video from me and Chris Ryan of Team Spider , aka the lost viking from the Warriors video. Oh yah, and we shot the race from a tandem bike…nice…I like.

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