NYTimes reports on last nights Critical Mass–NYC

Three Arrested in Critical Mass Bike Ride

By THE NEW YORK TIMESPublished: March 31, 2007Three people were arrested and almost 50 people given summonses last night in the first Critical Mass bicycle ride since the city adopted new controversial rules that limit the size of un-permitted rides, the police said.

Of the three people […]

Victory for cyclists, they ride, they get split up, they ride, the get tackled, they ride…they ride!

Ok, I am in Boston on a job and I just checked in with NYC to see how their critical mass ride went. Its’ been a dramatic week of tensions and tonight was the first NYC critical mass with new police rules in full effect. To review…The cops hate bikes and the dirty anarchists […]

Come to Critical Mass Early…for a press conference

Please come to Union Square North tonight around 6:45pm for a press conference of Critical Mass, even if you don’t want to ride…come and support.

Here is an article in AMNY

Critical Mass to be tested under new NYPD rulesBy Justin Rocket Silverman, amNewYork Staff

March 29, 2007Participants in Friday’s Critical Mass bicycle […]

Helmet laws? Put a bandaid on a flesh wound.

Ummm, I guess I’ve been asleep at the bicycle handlebars cause I just heard last night on the news that their is a new law in town requiring buisness who use bicycle delivery workers to give them helmets. Hmmmm? Here is the article in the NY Times…

By Ray Rivera

New York Times, March […]

Other events this weekend

Friday, March 30th, 2007 Critical MassNYC Union Square North 7:00pm

Friday, March 30th, 2007 SkidfaceUnder the BQE at Graham Ave. 8pm–Williamsburg Brooklyn.This is a weekly Friday night event hosted by Trycycle and 4916There will be different events to test out your track bike skills, with cash prizes.

This weekend…mutant bike fest in Richmond, Virgina.The […]

City Drops lawsuit against Time’s Up.

So after four years of stress, legal strategies and disruptions of ones regular life, trying to make NYC better and more environmentally friendly…our great city has dropped the lawsuit against Time’s Up. Maybe it had to do with Jym Dwyer’s expose in the NYTimes about how the NYPD infiltrated “law abidding” activist groups with […]

video of Bike Ride to End all wars

Here is a video of the, “ride to end all wars” which happened by Time’s Up on March 18th. video by Meerkat media.

Check out the videos.

Current TV has a piece on Philadelphia’s bike culture, by Andrew Watson. Diablo made a video of the Global Warming alleycat. Felipe was the winner and has claimed his retirement…at least for […]

April Critical Mass to Impeach BUSH

Enough is enough. They started an illegal war, they endorse torture and they spy on. This has been the most botched administration in US history and the citizens of the world are paying the price, many with their lives.

There is a massive nationwide movement forming to not let President Bush get away for […]

This weekend is a gearing up for nationwide actions in opposition of the immoral and illegal war in Iraq that is saddly reaching its four year anniversary.

People are continuing to put their bodies on the line to stop the war.

In Tacoma Washington, demonstrators are trying to block the shipment of miltary […]