Saturday, Time’s Up EarthDay Ride

Sunday is officially Earthday…Time’s Up is having an Earthday ride Saturday–April 21st.

1:00pm Union Square South

Join Time’s Up! as we ride to an Earth Day Celebration at an Environmental School that is growing in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

The Urban Assembly School for the Urban Environment is a new junior high and high school that […]

Velo Series is Back!

Ok, the Cycle Messenger World Championships are in lovely Dublin Ireland this year…the website August 3rd-7th.

There is a chance to win free tickets, on the track in three cities…Find out more Cyclehawk website

Check out this promo

The NYC event is at Kissena’s velodrome…Sunday May, 6th, 2007

Then there will be […]

It happens to a lot of us…Same as it everywas…same as…

Yes, it sucks…you come out of a building and find your pride and joy is GONE. Bike Theft. Recently it happened to musician David Byrne…former front man of the Talking heads.

Here is the article from Gothamist

Recently, Clarence Eckerson of Street films posted his video of a bike ride withTA members and mayor […]

Bike Polo in NYC.

Bike Polo is alive and well in NYC. This new sport, gained popularity in cities like Portland Oregon…there is a picture log on Mess Magazine (Bike polo pictures from Portland)

Now, its being played weekly in Lower Manhattan–Here is an artilce from a local NYC paper-Downtown This article is not found on-line, but a […]