An article on bike safety.

Normally I wouldn’t post an article like this to dissuade someone from biking based on statistics or to undermine the simple FACT that biking is more popular these days of hyper inflation, global warming and wars for that black stuff that made Ol Jed a millionaire. Is Biking Dangerous? It just stinks of that […]

5 borogeneral awards and goldsprints party

A major endeavor was put on this summer, a 5 borough race series. This Friday they will have the awards and race some goldsprints…

EAST RIVER BARGoldpsprintsNYC at 10p5BoroGenerals Awards 1130pmSkids and Tricks Shootout – tbd

S6 St and Berry. Williamsburg. Brooklyn.

Come after the cops shut times up party […]

Halloween…what to do?

Ok, if you thought last weekend was fun…Now its Halloween time.

In NYC here is bikeblog’s list of suggestions for bike events Friday and Saturday…

Friday, October 26th…NYC.First off go to Union Square North around 7:00pm for the annual Halloween Critical Mass. Dress up and ride with friends. (remember this is police state NYC […]

MTA steals bikes again…

Watch out if you keep your bike at the L stop in Williamsburg cause your bike may be stolen…by the MTA.

check out this report from Streetsblog,

Check out the comments and Digg the article to spread the […]

Report back on Craig Murphey’s memorial ride.

Our fellow cyclists die everyday…sometimes we don’t know who they are and sometimes they leave behind a lasting memory and touch many peoples lives. Craig Murphey was one of those people and he was honored with a mermorial bike ride on Sunday, October 21st after being trageicly killed by a truck in Williamsburg Brooklyn, […]

Suckapants images from ZOMBIECON

The living dead rampaged through the streets on Saturday…otherwise known as ZOMBIECON

check out some great pictures from Tod Seelie of Suckapants.

more pictures at suckapants flickr page […]

Great Zombie and Los Marcos Bike Polo weekend

Ok its not even Halloween weekend and…I’m beat. This weekend was a great time and thanks to all who put on great events here in NYC.

First off was a jam packed Bike Polo invitational hosted by Los Marcos. 4 or so fomer Luche Libre stars from LosMarcostan flew into town, were detained at […]

Bike Parade in Manchester UK-oct 26th

Almost forgot…oh yeah the planet.

Today is a global day of action to stop global warming. So as you put on your shorts for another humid day in October think about this…

It’s Time for a National Intervention

October 22, Washington, D.C.

and across the country

The Iraq war and the threat of climate change are the twin […]

This weekend…Bike Polo in NYC

I’ll let the flyers speak for themselves. Its gonna be fun, lots of people are coming from other cities…its polo…on bikes.

Schedule coming soon.