Who won Cranksgiving.

Today is Critical Mass.November 30th. The 7th year anniversary of the WTO protests in Seattle. Meet at 7:00pm at the North Side of Union Square

Old news.

Here is a posting for the results of this years Cranksgivng alley cat.Thanks to Ken Stanek for […]

Street films nominates the Neistat Brothers as cyclists of the month

Streets flims spent a minute with the Neistat Brothers…to talk to them about their movies and cycling in NYC. They were nominated cyclist(s) of the month.

They make great videos which can be viewed at their website

Now how do you get to be cyclist of the month? I think the bikeblog […]

NYC Bike rack study

NYC bike rack study is a website set up by two Hunter college graduate students to find out where bike racks would be most needed.

Take the survey and help with the process.

When you see bike lane violations…report them.

NYC is keeping track of bike lane violators.

Here is how it works:

(From their website)“How To Use MyBikelaneBring your digital camera or camera phone on your next bike ride.If you see a car/truck/etc. parked in the bikelane, take a picture of that car, making sure to try to capture the license plates […]

Help Liberate the bike Lanes

Bike Clown Brigade Video and Upcoming Video Collective Meeting! Since 2005, the Time’s Up! Bicycle Clown Brigade has been liberating bike lanes throughout New York City from illegally parked cars and trucks blocking the path of cyclists. Join them on their latest liberation ride filmed and edited by Time’s Up! Video Collective member Elizabeth […]

Thanksgiving race in CT

Race for Charity

This Saturday the 17th, is the annual Cranksgiving alleycat where participants ride around and collect food for the hungry.

Someone took the time to create this great online history of past races including an archive from flyers past.. Cranksgiving History […]

City Room Blog…Bikers Blog React while Drivers Chat.

The NY Times has a blog called CityRoom which has had a couple of stories that struck the fancy of this Bicycle Blogger.

One was about NYC fixed gear forum, an online source for fans of the single cog to discuss everything from the best music to rock while bombing broadway to who’s making […]

Ugh, Holiday season is close at hand…

There used to be one way to get through the maniacal rash consumerism of the holiday season…Santacon. Now we may have another visual aid, no its not Fred Claus (possibly the worst Holiday movie ever)

Its, “what would Jesus buy”, the new documentary by filmmaker Rob Van Alkemade and produced by Morgan Spurlock.Its about […]

Bike too heavy?

Are you tired of lugging that 20 pound bike up 5 flights of steps? Maybe you should get a bike that weighs 2 pounds and it can survive an attack from schrapnel when your trying to ride to work in the Green Zones.

Check out this video of a new kevlar bicycle…(click image for […]