Damn, I’m so behind…

Saturday, Oct. 28th was the 5th annual bike kill. Thanks to Black Label Bicycle Club for putting on a great event.

You have to go…make tall bikes and mutant choppers or just ride ones you find at the event. ITS FUN FUN FUN…next year.

There were some great events…the six pack attack, footdown. Some new events like bike surfing, and the big attraction of the evening…Tall Bike Jousting.

Chunk 666 was representin and the Cutthroats from Richmond, VA…who seemed to kick ass at most of the events.

Here are some great pictures from photographer Konstatin Sergeyev
jump tallbike.jpg

Flickr set

other photosets:
not elyse



my flickr set

Speaking of mutant bikes. If you want to make tallbikes and choppers and other welded creations or you just wanna work on a bike…check out the 1,2,3 Freegan space and their bicycle workshops Wednesday nights 6pm till midnight and Saturdays 2pm to 7pm

more info here and myspace page.

The space is located in Brooklyn at: 123 Tompkins Ave. Between Myrtle and Vemon Ave.

google map

They are having a party This FRIDAY, November 2nd, whoo hoo. with Team Spider and others.

Here is a flyer

here is a little plug from Team Spider:

FRIDAY NOV 2nd 2008
123 Tompkins Street (near myrtle) *G train to Myrtle
Co$t: 7 dollar $ug. donation, 1 dollar BEER$
bands: “Hipster Holocaust,” “Free Stuff”, “Bust the Clocks”, and “Team Spider” ( expect a sweaty mosh pit pogo’rific time )

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