3 events tomorrow. HO HO, be a HO!

1) Saturday, December 8th Bottle Beach Craft Ride

Feel like getting crafty? Ride to beachcombing and exploring at Dead Horse Bay, site of an old landfill slowly eroding into Jamaica Bay. Littered with bones, glass, metal, ceramic, shoes, and weirder things from the past century, this beach is perfect for beachcombers, glass collectors, photographers, […]

Bicycle Film Festival in Melbourne, then Tokyo

The Bicycle Film Festival is in Melbourne, Australia.

December 5th-9th.

Check it out at bff

Then the final stop for the Festivals circuit is Tokyo, December 14th-16th.

all screenings at: BALL ROOM

Ebisu-nishi 1-34-17, Shibuya-ku, TokyoZa HOUSE Bld.TEL: 03-5489-5408 FAX: 03-5489-5409

It is also time to submit your bicycle films for the […]