Bike Thieves, Scum of the Earth

There has been a rash of bike theft in Williamsburg. Maybe Meth addiction is working its way to the East Coast in epic numbers.

Three people have had bikes and bike parts stolen.

1) this comes from trackstars website from December 4th.

“My friends Dan G. and Tamara’s bikes were stolen out of the […]

Take NY1 snap poll

NY1 has set up a quick snap poll.

It asks people weather the city should focus on:

a) new and improved bike lanesb) traffic enforcementc) bike safety education.

unfortunatly there isn’t D) all of the above.

or D)Public ridicule for NYPD wasting money on harassing cyclists. or D) Arrests for motorists killing cyclists […]

King Kog Holiday party

Everyone’s Favorite bike shop, King Kog is having a party…December 20th.

Bike Lane of Death

Xhris, of team spider made a video about yesterday’s ‘die-in’ action.

The video is available at the teamspider blog.