3 events tomorrow. HO HO, be a HO!

1) Saturday, December 8th
Bottle Beach Craft Ride

Feel like getting crafty? Ride to beachcombing and exploring at Dead Horse Bay, site of an old landfill slowly eroding into Jamaica Bay. Littered with bones, glass, metal, ceramic, shoes, and weirder things from the past century, this beach is perfect for beachcombers, glass collectors, photographers, hoarders & bad eggs. We will ride out, explore and collect things, and then return to Williamsburg to get crafty with all our fun findings. Bring shovels, gloves, bags for loot.

12:00 pm- Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn side

12:30 pm- Grand Army Plaza

2) Another Alleycat race in Baltimore…
Shop Gentei, skate, fashion and fixed gear culture is being sold at this hip boutique in Baltimore.
They are hosting an alleycat Saturday Night, December 8th and screening MASHSF.

3) The fine folks at Danger are throwing a holiday bash, after SANTACON.

You are invited to an inelegant, decadent and slightly
riotous holiday party:

Sugar Rum Cherry

This Saturday, December 8th
10pm to very late
Starting at: 195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn
For details and directions see: the

‘Tis the season when were supposed to act nice,
but this night is naughty and filled with our vice.

This Saturday brings the sorta-annual Danger holiday
celebration of yuletide, gifts, fire, dj’s and debauchery
that somehow mixes the best elements of all the holiday
traditions while respecting none.

With performance, presents and liquor galore
a party of decadence, deviance and more…

Featuring Music By:
Akim Funk Buddha and the Funk Buddha Band having just
returned from a triumphant world tour with Bill T. Jones,
Akim mixes globally inspired funk and hip-hop groove with
live vocals and complex beat backing. Performance starts
at 11pm.

DJ Haj of Sub Swara & Freek Factory : pulls together deep
beats and breaks guaranteed to whip your cream.

Zemi 17 of 23 Windows brings back his intoxicating set of
Indonesian inspired techno.

And in the Panoply dome by Image Node:
A multicolor space igloo of immersive sight and sound
featuring live spoken word trip-hop by Autophage and
Prototype, and lofi beat mutations by Borne & Hylo.

Also interactive art, renegade performance and moments of
fire featuring: The Broken Puppet Company offering spiked
cider and serenades in the mistletoe lounge; Cherry
Popping surprise with the Modern Gypsies; Sugar showers
and tall-girl hijinx from the Lady Circus; Liquor Cherry
Bombs by the infamous Winkel,; Mike’s Hookah Lounge; Fire
tricks by Deezluxe; Yuletide inspired video projections
and an inebriated Santa or two (or three).

On this night we celebrate the true spirit of the
holidays: gratuitous and self-serving altruism.

The idea is simple, if you bring a real-deal wrapped
present you get reduced admission and the opportunity to
give something beautiful to that lucky someone you meet
later in the night. Your gift should be odd or brilliant
or cute or lewd or just slightly dangerous but nothing
that might get you arrested in an airport (and it must be
wrapped). You choose whom to give it to (e.g. the best
dancer or costume or kisser, etc). It’s kind of like a
competition that hundreds of you might win.

You adventure begins at 195 Morgan Ave. and continues at a
large private loft a half-block away. To get there take
the L train to Morgan Ave. and walk four blocks North.

Doors open at 10pm, performances begin at 11pm and
continue through very late.
$15 with a gift – $20 otherwise. 21+ only

Full details and directions are at:

p.s. This weekend is the holiday for hedonists with Friday
night featuring our favorite party from our friends on
Flushing Ave. at the house rhymed with “odd”. If you
don’t know, ask somebody. And Saturday during the day
comes that once a year riot of red suits and whiskey called
Santacon. Any Santas who make it through the day without
getting arrested or blindly drunk are welcome to attend
our event at a discount.

And for New Years Eve we are preparing a relatively
intimate celebration that tangles the opulence of Monte
Carlo (with full-on gambling) and the beauty of Moulin
Rouge (the place not the movie). Imagine a massive plush
lounge with outsized games of risk, lusty dance floors,
beautiful burlesque, fire + fireworks and the most
licentious, dangerous, champagne-iest, angel-flying-ist
midnight countdown found anywhere east of Istanbul.
Tickets will be limited.

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