Themeatic Approriate Band has a gig. 1/26/08

The Bike Blog house band has a gig tomorrow at passout records.

Oh yeah and its also the idiotarod…

Heres the skizzy:HAPPY 2000grrrr8!TEAM SPIDER’s kickin’ it off w/ a FREE, LIVE, (rare) IN-STORE appearance…( expect Record-Bin stage diving, underage drinking, and more…)

—STORE: P@s$0ut Re(ords , brooklyn——–ADDRESS: 131 Grand Street (btw. Bedford and […]

Today is Critical Mass all around the world.

So get out there and ride a bike.

Mike Maronna of the 90’s classic kids show: “The adventures of Pete and Pete,” is a member of my local film union, a talented actor and a member of our bike community. Here he is in a new music video for Nada Surf. Nice riding Mike!


Watch out on your commute tomorrow and Props to the London Rollers

Friday is Critical Mass-January 25th. So remember…the cops have been setting up these sting operations to harass cyclists and continue their “hurt-pride” war on the monthly Critical mass ride. They have been consistently set up on Broadway around 19th St. So if you are riding home from work starting as early as 6:30pm…stay away […]

Oh yeah and one more thing…

This was in the New York Times blog: City Room.

A question:

“A Bikes-Only Parking Lot in Midtown?”

Ah yes…Private Sector Solutions for bike parking in NYC.

Jacob’s race Boston February 23rd.

Demoliton Fixie

Trends come and go and often die in a fiery blaze. Remember when everyone used to rollerblade to work? Where are they now. Kind of like the day Disco died, when mainstream artists like the Rod Stewart, the Rolling Stones and Kiss started having disco songs. Sometimes the trends can be antiquated with actual […]

Time’s Up for Time’s Up

Today there was a sale for Time’s Up to raise funds for their new space…which hasn’t been located yet. There were items for sale upstairs, clothes and various nick-knacks, but the real goods were downstairs in the basement. The volunteer mechanics were on hand to sell off some bikes, bike parts, bike tools and […]

Website and Blog roundup.

Here are some news and tidbits from blogs and websites giving love to the bike community:

Photos by Will of Razorapple For three years there’s been an alleycat race open to those new to the sport, affectionately called, “alleykitten.” December 30th was the date.Here are three recaps with pictures:

Six racing Razor Apple […]

Time’s Up Sale on Sunday

Time’s Up is moving from the space they have been given on 49 East Houston Street, Manhattan. This Sunday, January 20th from 3-6:30pm they will be selling most of the stuff in their basement. A good opportunity for great deals on bikes, bike parts, frames, sound equipment, etc. Bound to find some good […]

Is the New York Times ignoring us?

4 days after our 3rd annual memorial ride, the New York Times comes out with this article on Ghostbikes and Bike Boxes in Portland, Oregon. Now I know this West Coast city is the US model for cycling utopia, but we have Ghostbikes here and Bike Boxes. I know America is looking to Portland […]