Bike Film Festival in Sweden

Our Film the Warriors is screening this Friday at a bicycle film festival in Goteberg.Yeah, we’re huge in Sweden bro.

Looks like a good time with Rollers Race and screening of bike movies.

Tragedy in Chicago

Well the logic board on my laptop crapped out. Apple care was a worthwhile investment. So I’ve been unable to write for a while and we were away shooting an episode of our new television show: “Babylon by Bike.” We had a great time in Boston. More info coming soon.

Meanwhile tragedy strikes in […]

Orange bikes angers and inspires.

Fashion week has moved on to London but the bike community in New York, is still chatting about the great orange props DKNY left us in their annoying attempt to promote themselves…I mean promote biking, I mean promote thinking about biking, I mean thinking about themselves looking good and maybe forgetting what they were […]

Couriers in Seattle

Ah yes another article on Bike Couriers. This one is from my old hometown of Seattle.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing really new here but I like to include all the articles I can, for the archives.

Thanks again to Joe Headry of for his constant diligence in finding articles about couriers.

Seattle street […]

New York Times sees Orange bikes and I see Red Flags.

Another video of the orange bikes explaining DKNY wants an Auto-free NY: “hey their message was unclear…we gave them a message.”

I would like nothing better then to put this whole Orange bike thing to rest, although its done wonders for the readership of this blog. I hope we get it by now…DKNY […]

Orange bike video

Click To Play

by Chris Ryan

Speaking of hand built.

Jan Gunneweg wood art creations

Here are some great wood bikes rounded up by: Kwall Blog.

Besides blogging, Eric is also a graphic designer

Hand built bicycles show off in Portland, Oregon

The snarky purveyor of bike culture, bikesnob, has pointed out that February is the 2008 North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Portland.

Think all bikes are made in China, well most of them are, but from February 8th-10th these top welders and brazers show off their many talents in the “auto-show” of the bicycle […]

Code Orange.

So are you sick of all this Orange bike stuff yet? Just wanted to share this bike I saw on 6th Ave. and 40th St.

Its like co-opting the messege and then co-opting the messege of the message. Oh when will it end.

I like the creative action instead of the more destructive […]

Orange bike hate crimes.

Nice color section DKNY. Here are some other images I think of when I see orange.

Perhaps these bikes are in a prison of their own…Abandoned, scared, blindfolded and waterboarded. Something Senator McCain is really into even though it was done to him.

Picture by: stonefaction on flickr.

Oh, yes, they have been tortured…This […]