Looks like rain this weekend

Slight change in plans for Saturday:

Saturday March 8, 1PM Hosted by King KogMeet at Rockstar Bar- South 5th St. at Kent Ave. BrooklynGroup ride to Meeker/Union under the BQE (Covered area- RAIN!)SPRINTS, Skids, Freestyle, Stands, Footdown! Fun!Awards and Afterparty at Rockstar Bar!!

Take Bike Commuter Survey.

Matthew Ides is taking a survey.

Hub and Spokes: Imageability of the Daily BicycleCommuter in New York City

“In a city that is dominated by the automobile I wantto find out how its residents who use other modes oftransportation actually view the built environment.While all forms of transit modes could be studied, Ifind that […]

Chromo Bags helps BMF

San Francisco based Chrome Bags, has come up with a clever way to help injured messengers.

Presenting their Chrome Aces deck of playing cards.

Squid from cyclehawk messengers (NYC) and Billy from Godspeed (SF), along with chrome bags helped make this project happen.

Its a deck of playing cards featuring messengers form 4 […]