Yoshi from Fatlace’s Blog

Yoshi from Fatlace wrote this report on hanging with Sino and Hal from Tokyo, in town for Monster Track Weekend.

Thanks for the kind words about my DVD.

Check it: Here

So thats what happened to Sino in the […]

Two cool ads from London on Bike awareness

Loyal bikeblog reader Josh Kalin sent me two links to bicycle awareness PSA’s done by the city of London Transport.

here is one where the bike lanes come to life.

and here is another. (make sure to watch this till the end…and pay attention.

Thanks […]

Quick Quiz–Bike Porn

Which is Bike Porn?

1) This Guy

or this:


Well, they both are…depending on how much money you got. One is a Hillbilly version of Gunter…sexy! Our own Ken rocking the mesh shirt for Rumble thru da Bronx.

The other is a screening of a series of short films by Reverend Phil […]

Article in Time out Sydney

Article in Time Out Sydney showing off the courier community.

Habitat: The streets of Sydney’s CBDDress: Shorts, satchel, two way radioCredo: “Get out of the f***ing way”

Any job that requires you be impervious to insults, near misses with pedestrians, broken bones, dislocated joints and face-scraping grazes is no run of the […]