Safewalk, escort people home, by bike.

I’ve been in LA, chillin in the nice warm weather. The car culture here is pretty intense, but the bike scenes in LA and Santa Monica are really amazing. My wife and I have been seeking out the best food we can in town. My full LA report, coming soon.

Just wanted to post this about a great way to volunteer on bikes back in NYC.

Its about SafeWalk, the bike patrol program of RightRides, where volunteers escort callers to their destinations safely. The service is open to anyone and is made possible by volunteers with bikes who wear designated safety vests and are available Friday late nights.
You can find more information at

There will be an information session on Wednesday, March 19 at 7 pm at 140 Metropolitan Avenue at Berry Street, Apt. 1, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Please drop by if you are a potentially interested volunteer.

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