Couple of ways to recycle.

Now the last thing you need is another person telling you how you can make a difference in making the planet more “Green.” How to properly recycle in the work place while the janitor dumps all the white paper into the regular trash thus rendering the giant corporation you work for exempt from having […]

Blessing of the Bikes 08

Ah yes…it must be close to May, because its time for the 10th annual, Blessing of the Bicycles.” I’ve never understood this event but I feel obliged to mention it mainly because it kicks off the, “Bike Riding Season,” what ever that means.Photo by: A. Courtney

Every year, hundreds of cyclists file into […]

Critical Mass is BACK in NYC

original picture by: Jeff DanielWas I in some sort of time warp? Propelled back to 2001 when this free wheeling bike ride of fun rode through my beloved city on the last Friday of each month? The April Critical Mass ride, who’s attendance had been dwindled to a few brave souls…was back with new […]