Obama spoke cards…Obama likes bikes

Hey, this guy in LA is making Obama spoke cards …just sayin,you can buy them for ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR.


When your out riding your bike in traffic you need a fresh drink to cool your jets. To dispel the fact that we bikers are not a bunch of vegan tree-huggers, there is a new drink series that “meats” our needs.


made with dirty hotdog […]

New Bike boutique in L.E.S.–Chari & Co.

Well, I was checking my visitors list recently and its good to see I am still getting lots of traffic from Gothamist and bikesnob for loosing my bike. Oh the shame of it all. I stood today on 1st ave and 14th street for a little while in hopes that the thief would try […]

Bike month calender. This weekend. Bicycle Fetish Day and more…

I’m a little confused on the bike month calender. There are some events online that aren’t in this printed calender I got at Time’s Up / Hub Station, at 73 Morton Street.

Not sure what to go by.

But in my best guest here is what is going on in the next couple of […]

Sean Bell Protest video from Chris Ryan

Here is a video Chris Ryan made from the Sean Bell protests yesterday…