Bicycle Film Festival 2008 is COMING

Why is this man so excited:A) Its bike to work day?B) Its not excitement, his Jockstrap is breaking the speed record before the rest of his body?C) he just bought a new track bike and they forgot the saddle?D) He just got tickets to the 2008 Bicycle Film Festival…of course.Thats right…you know the deal…Get […]

pictures form Chari and Co. opening.

So you wanna track bike huh? How bout a shop that specializes in Japanese Keirin Frames?

Chari and Co. just opened in Lower Manhattan at 175 Stanton Street.

Check out this photo gallery by RazorApple who was on hand at the opening night party on […]

Bike to work…duh.

Not only is it bike month, why its also Bike-to-Work week, only this time its looking a whole lot more appealing for people who just put another $50.00’s worth of gas in their tank. Even the main stream press is getting into this like CNN running this story on San Diegans biking to work […]

Our 5 boro bike video is up.

So last Sunday, Chris Ryan and me

Video taped the 5 boro bike tour

Check out our video:

Let me know what your think.

One night in Bangkok…on a fixie.

There is a new scene in the fixie world, in a most unexpected place, Thailand. I’ve been to Bangkok and it really seemed that the bicycle was an alien concept and so outnumbered between the two and three wheeled masses of mopeds, motorcycles and tuk tuk’s. Its great news to see people building with […]