Obama spoke cards…Obama likes bikes

Hey, this guy in LA is making Obama spoke cards
just sayin,
you can buy them for ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR.

3 comments to Obama spoke cards…Obama likes bikes

  • margaret coble, aka mags.

    hey if you like the stencil design, you can get prints and tshirts with it too. i’m the artist. check my website –


  • Michael Green

    Great Job Margaret. I will change this blog posting to not say “this guy” in LA…


  • margaret coble, aka mags.

    well you were actually half-right. i am the artist, but i didn’t make the spoke cards. a guy named yosi sergant made them, and he is in L.A. i gave him permission to use my design. we’re collaborators.

    thanks for the plug, regardless. i’m just happy the design is out there in the world getting seen!