Um…not sure what to make of this.

I finally figured out why I can’t ride backwards in a circle or pop a wheelie. No its not cause I’m an uncord…its cause I haven’t had the right instructional video.That is about to change.

Video posted at

This reminds me of another cultural benchmark which indicated the death of a trend. […]

A day in Harlem…on bikes

I just wanted to report on this event that happened in Harlem, last Sunday. It was the 35th annual Skyscrapper Criterium, a day of pro racing in NYC where they have a closed course and have different categories of racing.

But it wasn’t just for the spandex crowd, Bike messengers got a chance […]

Fixie Scene in Orlando Florida

Yes there is fixie culture even in the land of Mickey Mouse

Orlando Florida

Check them out at 407 Fixed gear

Check out this amazing […]