Obama rides!!

Photo by Alex Brandon/A.P.
Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama took some time off to ride his bike. Maybe he won’t fall down like Bush.

Check out the A.P. story here

This was also posted on a cool blog from Durham:

They have Critical Mass too:


I still have a bunch of Obama Spoke cards. Let me know if you want one. I often have them on me.

8 comments to Obama rides!!

  • BdeRWest

    Now THAT’s a fender

  • David Y.

    oooo, i would love an Obama spoke card. how much are they?

  • ScottM

    His bike is too small, his saddle is too low, his rear tire is almost flat, he’s riding on the sidewalk, he isn’t wearing any clips or bands on his loose pant legs, his helmet is missing a strap, his feet are too far forward on the pedals, he’s using the squishy stock saddle, and he has no tube repair kit, tools, tire pump, or even a water bottle. He clearly has no idea what he’s doing.

    So let’s make fun of Bush!

  • thePig

    I wonder how many image consultants Obama needed to give him this…umm…stylish setup.

  • kayak surge

    Why the fender? And I like the guy but when in hell is he gonna need that???

    Can I get the spoke card?

  • Anonymous

    THAT, i believe is NOT a fender!

    it is part of a tag-along where a child’s bike is hooked up to the rear of an adult’s bike.


  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t that say, ‘make sure you go out and actually vote’ instead of believe. Obama is not going anywhere without votes.

  • Stephanie

    I’d Love a spokescard…as I tried to get one from the girl in Portland that was selling them but never recieved it in the mail.
    email: 😀