Not an isolated incedent.

What happened to Christopher Long in last Friday’s critical mass is by no mean an isolated incident.

Here is a video showing two other assaults of critical mass participants in Time’s Square.

4 comments to Not an isolated incedent.

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me man? You can clearly hear the cop with coffee tell them that their riding the wrong way. The cyclists were disobeying the traffic laws, he had every right to stop them. Plus, there was no kind of brutality there. Ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Critical mass is stupid. Put on your damn helmets and ride SAFE. I am an avid bicyclist and trauma surgeon. Please don’t end up in my operating room with a head injury that will have you spend the rest of your life in a nursing home.

  • David Y.

    it’s nice to see “anonymous” comments from surgeons….however i agree safety comes first, i disagree that the incidents are uncalled for. Excessive use of force from any type of source is a control issue, and clearly these videos show that. I do hope whomever captured this latest show of force was smart enough to get the cops name so that he will pay for what he has done.

  • ~JohNnyIchi~

    i dont think the cop is doing the right thing.
    hell, how can he push him? why dont he just stop him in a proper manner?

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