Here we are at my new home.

Yes, I made the switch to WordPress. Things are moving along here at bikeblog and my life is a bit chaotic right now but welcome to my new site. I will be spending time updating this blog as I learn the fine intricacies of word press.

Not only did my blog move, but my wife and I moved from the hip and trendy Williamsburg to the South Side of Park slope, which I like to call Parkslopia. We are expecting our first child in November and well thats the law…you’ve got to be one of those people with the stroller and the food coop and the amazing park.

As I unpack the boxes and look for those field manuals on newborn care, I will continue you to do my best to bring you the good, the bad and the ugly sides of bicycle culture in NYC and beyond.

stay tuned.

2 comments to Here we are at my new home.

  • Nice Digs!!!! Got your address from Melissa and did leave a VM for you today; had waited in order to give you a chance to settle in….laughter here. So how are you doing? I’m hope tomorrow (Monday) so drop a line; i’ll also go onto the mac link or whatever that’s called (Mac’s version of Messenger.

    Talk to you soon…and really do like your very well done bikeblog. Might be the best way to see what you’re up to…

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