its back, the Bicycle News Round-Up

Alright all you track riders doing tricks like this: (from trackosaurusrex’s blog

steves’ 360 skid from j. youngblood on Vimeo.
Here is a real death defying trick from Newark New Jersey. Highwire daredevil Nik Wallenda, set a world record by riding his bicycle on a wire suspended 135 feet in the air, with no net.

News story from the Associated Press, by Victor Epstein here.

Indianapolis Mayor, want to turn city: Bike Friendly.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Are you tired of spending money on gas driving to work and want to get some exercise?

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard announced plans to turn Indianapolis into a bicycle friendly city.

“Indianapolis has long been known as the Crossroads of America. Now those roads are going to include bike lanes, and we are going to embrace alternative modes of transportation,” said Mayor Ballard.

article here.

In New York, Hubs and Spokes, the watchdog of national transportation issues, alerted me of the Brooklyn Paper, which will have a new feature called: “Mean Streets.”

Ben Muessig wrote this article about a recently killed cyclist in Park Slope:

“The scene of a biker’s death has become macabre memorial — a lasting reminder of the mean streets that claimed his life.

Someone stenciled an outline of a splayed body at the corner of President Street and Eighth Avenue in Park Slope to pay homage to Jonathan Millstein, a 50-year-old Boerum Hill resident who died on Sept. 10 after colliding with a bus at the intersection.

The yellow and orange graffiti lists Millstein’s name, the date of his death, and a stark diagnosis: “Killed by bus.”>
The rest of the article here.

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  • Andrew Hansen

    Yo Mike,

    I just wanted to question the police presence on the Williamsburg Bridge bike/pedestrian lane as of late. I’m sure it doesn’t relate to your post, but I wanted to see if anyone out there had any thoughts.

    Maybe it’s been there longer than just the last few days, but I am confused as to why there are police vans and the like parked in my way on the bridge. Maybe it’s for safety, maybe it’s for something else.

    Any ideas?

    How’s living, bra-ha-ha?