By Jove, I am dashing on my fixie…

From the “Vomit” fixie culture gets hip… You know the deal…Bike culture gets cool, and then things like this happen… Animal New York wrote “As magazines struggle for relevancy, it’s inevitable that mainstream titles will increasingly feature icons of urban cool like graffiti, vinyl toys, streetwear or in this case: fixed gears. For their […]

More Bike Kill 666

Well there are 8 days left to election day. Now more then ever, there is a ton of creative media inspired by this election that has seemed to go on for ever. I’d like to put forward a new clip each day until you cast your vote.

Here is a great spot from the […]

Will Trade Stocks for Brains

Pretty much says it all: In the spirit of Halloween and the Hellish Nightmare of the stock market, Zombiecon was last weekend.

Tod Seelie was on hand to take amazing photos like this: He had this to say about the event on his photoblog suckapants.

“ Zombiecon 2008 kicked off on the streets […]

Some pictures from Bike Kill 08

Despite the pissy Saturday weather…the Unicorns still came out to Bike Kill. Pictures on Flickr from Andy Hindraker. More of Andy’s Photos here.

Looking ahead…Graffiti Rider Race

Word on the street is the 5 Boro Generals are organizing another race series next year hitting all 5 boroughs with their own unique races.

Next month is just a warm up of things to come.

November 8th…NYC, get ready.

More Halloween events

Red bull has two:

Oct. 25th, 2008 One in Rochester, NY…for BMX. Trick or Treat.

and the Witch Hunt in Boston.

The Red Bull Witch Hunt will start at approximately 6:30PM on October 29th. Please check their ( myspace site for updates as the date gets closer. The Witch Hunt will take […]

bike ads going Viral.

Cool spots for R.E.Load messenger bags: and this for Hutchinson tires, getting into the viral act from film maker Daniel Leeb of

Celebrate Union Square

In the ongoing battle to save Union Square, our gathering spot for Critical Mass and many other public events, today is Celebrate Union Square, old and new.

Thursday October 23rd, 2008. 6:00pm-7:30pm

With Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping

10 years ago Union Square Park was designated a National Historic Landmark for […]

Getting Closer-Voter Guide

With just 12 days to go, things are getting real close to deciding the next president of the US.

A while ago, Urbanvelo had a poll about who bikers were going to vote for…they also gave me a nice shout out. I guess its a reflection on a few of the bike blogs that […]

Halloween events

Halloween is coming soon. Lots of events, so I’m just gonna throw them out there as they pop up.

First off, this Saturday…in NYC.

October 25th, world famous Halloween alleycat and Black Label’s Annual Bike Kill […]