Are we all going to ride bikes YET???

Mother of all Fare Hikes coming from the MTA???

According to Gothamist and this cover from the Daily News…we could all be in for it and “King Bloomberg” is all for it.

Start pedaling.

3 comments to Are we all going to ride bikes YET???

  • tom

    MTA $3 Fare Hike = NYC Boycott June 9th… No MTA service on this day… Put those bikes to use for a stand against the fare increases

  • tom

    There is a massive city-wide boycott against the MTA on June 09, 2009. For a copy of the boycott article send an email to…. Also Google search ” MTA Boycott” on facebook 1,000,000 against MTA Fare Hikes

  • tom

    There is also a rally being set up for the MTA Fare Hikes. If you will like to be kept informed of the really mention so in your email to